Betrayal of the Covenant Released

The second book of the Dragon-Called series is now available. See below to find out how to Purchase Your Copy (Paperback, Digital, and copies Inscribed by the author).

Betrayal of the Covenant Description: Tracked by minions of the evil Shin-il priests, the Dragon-Called twins, Rowyn and Willoe, journey on a quest to the Hoarfrost Mountains. These lands are rife with dangers, including savage Sköll Wolves and the fearsome Ice Giants, and may hide more than just the sought-after Sword and the Staff. Devices created by dragons and rumored to control the Others and the Fire Within, while preventing one of the twins from dying to satisfy the Covenant.

Back at Westhedge, unrest stirs as it becomes clear that a newly self-crowned king, and his mentor that controls the throne, will do whatever is necessary to keep their tenuous hold on the Kingdom of Cainwen, the twins’ homeland.

On the other side of Taran, the Kingdom of Haldane and the Ice Queen hold surprises that shatter everything the twins believed about their past.

As a friendship develops between a lonely priest and a prince, the priest must make unprecedented decisions that may have ramifications far beyond anything he could imagine.

The key to opposing the foreign Shin-il Priests and taking back Taran lies in an all-out assault on Tierran’s Wall – built to be impregnable. Sellswords, Blood Stalkers and Shades, creatures as much dead as alive, will do anything to prevent the twins from succeeding. Unexpected allies may provide the help they need to overcome these obstacles, but an unimaginable betrayal may end the Covenant and destroy the twins ability to defeat the Great Evil, the Olcas Mogwai.

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