Be True To Your Fire Within

Dragonsword & Scabbard“I really like the Dragonsword.” I turned to my Muse, Willow, and smiled. “It definitely matches the description in the book.”

“Well, it wouldn’t do much good to have it look different, now would it!” She shook her head in what I had come to understand was That was a stupid comment expression.

“But the reason I am showing you this is because of the Runes.” She pointed to the sword’s scabbard hanging in the space between us.

I still don’t know how she makes forms appear out of nothing, suspended in the air without any visible means of support. I’m still working on that one.

“I see them,” I spat back, offended that she thought I hadn’t noticed.

“What does it say?” she questioned.

“It says Be True to Your Fire Within.” I didn’t grasp what she was getting at, but played along anyways.

“Does it?” She ran her hand over the runes as if the image were solid.

“Well yes,” I could hear the doubt in my own words, but continued regardless, “It’s the Catchphrase for our Dragon-Called series.”

“That is our Catchphrase, but it is not what these runes say,” she sat and the dragonsword floated over her head.

“Ohhh,” I let out slowly.

Sometimes her clues were subtle, but even I should have gotten this one.

“Be True to Your Fire Within is English and this isn’t.” I looked at the runes again and read them out loud, “Bayaing Ohsink Piem ditich Aai.”

I smiled. “It is the Ancient Tongue.”

Legal restrictions prevent us from displaying the Muse, Willow's actual image, therefore this is just a Representation.

Legal restrictions prevent us from displaying the Muse, Willow’s actual image, therefore this is just a Representation.

“Spoken by the Elfs and Dragons.” She waved a hand and the runes changed to the Ancient Tongue words I had read then again into English. It now made more sense why she had transformed her form into that of an Elfen.

“Your Fire Within Are True,” I read the English translation.

“Or Obey, depending on your interpretation,” she added.  “If you are Dragon-Called then it could be both True and Obey. That is how the Ancient Tongue would be translated directly, but for our Catchphrase we changed it a little to be grammatically correct.”

“I like it because it speaks to how we feel about our spiritual life. I hope our Readers are open to the concept.” It was something we came up with at the beginning of the first novel, Fire of the Covenant. Everyone has a Fire within them, whether it be the Burning Lady’s Spirit (the Goddess within the series) or the more conventional and similar idea of a Soul. Our goal is to remind people to Be True to the Fire Inside them (their authentic Spirit/Soul), just like we try to show the characters in the book being true to theirs (though sometimes this can be a bright or dark Spirit/Soul).

“Hey, we use the Ancient Tongue several times in the series.” An idea struck me that I wanted to share, though Willow would say it was a rarity (a good idea, not the sharing – she says I share too much),  “Do you think our Readers would be interested in the dictionary we use for this language?” I figured the more behind the scenes information we provide people, the more they will enjoy the books.

“Possibly, maybe we can put it up on the website next time if people are interested.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I replied then worried, we might have to remove the profanity.

Let me know what you think of the dragonsword and also if you would be interested in seeing the Ancient Tongue dictionary.


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