Under the Covers of My Story

By: Peter

I am not going to talk about the Lesson I am working on right now, but instead I was asked by some Readers to give a little insight into the Book I will start during this course. So I am going to change it up a little this week and put up two Posts. If you aren’t interested in getting a little insight into my upcoming project, then just skip this Post and catch the next Post, in a couple of days, when I talk about Lesson 7. I won’t be offended (well not much :) )

We (Willow, IE, an I)  have a wide range of interest in what we read. But for this book the genre  is what they call Medieval-Themed High-Fantasy. Comes from getting excited about people riding around in chainmail, wielding swords and arrows flying through the air, along with the intrigue of the castle nobility (Medieval-Themed). And naturally Elves (which captivate me) with wizards and a variety of magical and mystical creatures (High-Fantasy).

Next my project isn’t really just one Book. I envision the story being a three to four book series. I just can’t figure out how to do the story in less than that unless it is one really big frigging book.

“You can’t use that word” Willow puts her hand on the keyboard; which she knows will really irritate me.

“What word?” I ask. What now?

I look up and she is standing there with her hands on her hip. Every guy knows the Hands on Hip stance. Translation: Seriously, you should know better. I think little girls attend a secret school on the weekends to learn how to stand like that. Finally she says ” The F word”.

“The F word. It’s not the F word. It’s just an expression.” I swear I don’t see the problem.  It’s just a way to emphasize that it would be really big. You know, to grab the reader’s attention”.

She gives me that look. You know the Look that the little girls learn while they are at the secret school learning the Hands on Hip stance. Translation: Do I have to tell you…AGAIN!. “Everyone knows what it really means.” She states flatly.

I know there is a school, probably a bunch of them, where they teach girls this. I mean, I have seen a little sweet five year old all of sudden giving me a Look that would freeze the blood, complete with balled fist on her hips.

“Okay, you win, I won’t use it again. But I have to leave it in now since I already wrote all this dialogue” I say with a little smirk. “It would be such a waste.” I give her my best innocent face. You know the puffy lip one. “Plus I had some really good stuff in there about the school you guys go to when you are little. Don’t want me to give away your secret huh?”

A little humph escapes her lips and I figure we can finally move on.

Willow tells me this Post is getting a little long, all the dialogue she says, and without even a hint at a Look or Stance, so I compromise. If I give you The Sentence from Lesson Four, Under the Willow http://petercruikshank.com.customers.tigertech.net/2012/03/115/, that I finally came up with, it express enough of the story to give you a good idea of where we are going.

Hopefully the following Sentence will convey the insight that a couple of Readers requested — at least for Book One. Believe it or not it took me nearly six weeks to come up with this single sentence — but after completing it I felt so elated I really can’t explain it. And there was a lot that actually went into creating, besides the dozens of revisions.


“The crown prince’s maligned bastard teenage daughter must hide her identity and lead her people against a rival king and fanatical shamans after inadvertently switching identities with her twin brother.”

While the above might provide  a little information and keep a few of you temporary satisfied, I know it probably leaves many of you with a lot more questions. How can you inadvertently switch identities with someone or why is she maligned? Well, as I start to actually put pen to paper and get my book off the ground (lots of cliché here) , in a couple of months, my future Blog Posts will clarify all this. Because while I have a fuzzy idea of the storyline and working on an outline (upcoming in Lesson 8 or 9) , I really don’t know how the details of the story are actually going to work out. Part of the fun of writing is to discover things about my characters, along with the conflicts and how they are resolved, just like my readers will.

Oh and as you may have noticed. My blog template has been updated. Willow’s friend, Alex Vasquez (a great web designer), graciously has been working on my template. We will be making some other changes in the near future to enhance your viewing pleasure :-)

2 Responses to “Under the Covers of My Story”

  1. Seleane Gray says:

    Willow and my Muse — I’m trying to tickle a name from her and will be posting an introduction in a week or so — would SO get along. Muse gives me that look but on her it looks threatening and I shiver a bit just thinking about it. *looks around furtively*

    And I can’t wait to see how your book progresses, I’m in the same boat honestly with Goddess Branded and Captive, again, more on those soon. So I’ll be watching and cheering you on as well.

  2. Kirsten says:

    I always look forward to reading your wonderful dialogues with Willow and the IE. I think you’ll do great with this, and the Sentence is quite intriguing. Lots of conflict and questions raised by it.
    Looks like you have a lot of fun writing ahead with that big, um, book. 😉

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