What’s in a Name?

By: Peter

Peter has taken a break from writing his post, so I thought I would fill in. Oh sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Willow. I am Peter’s Muse. I’m the one that makes him creative. Well he has a little to do with it, but without me he wouldn’t get very far. I give him that special little spark that gets him rolling and coming up with ideas, descriptions, dialogue. Unfortunately he over extended himself and promised to do two post this week. Unfortunately (well depending upon how you look at it), he is tired and didn’t want to do this second one, so I volunteered to do the post this time. After all, Lesson Seven was mostly about creativity and that is my forte.

It is the Pre-Planning part of the course. This is where Peter and I get to play and come up with some information on a few of the main characters (what we call MCs), a little more preparatory information to get us ready to do the detailed planning for the novel. Like is there anything special about the environment or time period; is there a religion, if so what is it like; or is there a particular type of political setting that would impact what the characters do or say. Not information overload, but enough to get the story started.

I naturally have been very supportive doing whatever Peter has wanted, but even so he has been on this Lesson for a couple of weeks now. I know there is a lot of information to create, but seriously!

“Look” Peter sticks his head into the office, evidently my thoughts have some how leaked into the other room. “I have had a lot on my mind. And since when have you done whatever I wanted? If all you can do is berate me…”

“No, no. Sorry Peter. I didn’t mean anything derogatory.¬† It is just that we have been on this for such a lonnnnnnnnnng time.” Anything to get him out of the office. I don’t want him butting back in at this point. Even if I have to grovel a little. Jeez, I really hate doing this, but whatever.

He gives me a stern look and nods, then heads back out to the family room to finish his wine.

A little peace and quite again. What a baby. If he would leave more of the writing to me we would be halfway through the course by now. I can feel the smile returning as that little interruption is gone and I can focus on finishing my post. I mean Peter’s post.

So, as I was saying. We have spent the last couple of weeks putting together enough information to go into Lesson Eight which is the Planning stage. Get that, Lesson Seven was Pre-Planning. Holly’s pretty smart. We do pre-planning and then follow it up with planning. Who would have thunk. Isn’t that kool.

“Did you say PLANNING?” A voice like it has been washed over rocks and then dried as hard as leather out in the hot sun. And as it fades, so does my smile.

Oh crap. I was hoping he wouldn’t show up. “Lou” I barely acknowledge him. But figure if I don’t say anything he won’t ever go away. “Yes I am talking about Lesson Eight. But right now I am doing a post about Lesson Seven, so if you…”

He rumbles into the room like an old dinosaur like he didn’t even hear me. “Yeah, I’m looking forward to that. Finally we get down to organizing all this stuff.”

I don’t bother to hide my eyes as they roll so far back into my head I can see behind me. “Well that is next week, so if you don’t mind, I have very important work to do.”

“Okay, see you next week Sweets”, he says through the pencil he is chewing on and rumbles back out of the office.

He can’t have a cigar so he is always chewing on something. Oh, I am such a poor hostess. I forgot to introduce you to Lou. Though privately I think manners are a little over rated. You say thank you, they say thank you, then you need to say thank you to them for their thank you. Talk about the circle of death.

You probably know Lou as IE (Peter’s Internal Editor). He and I don’t exactly see things the same way. He doesn’t have a creative bone in his body. Anyways, Peter got tired of calling him IE and asked me to help come up with a name. Personally I don’t think he contributes enough to get a name, but Peter thinks he is important. The things you have to do sometimes to keep the boss happy.

After a lot of thought I finally came up with the perfect name. Peter says every time IE talks to him he pictures Ed Asner, so, going with the Ed Asner theme and the fact that he is an editor, I named him Lou Grant. Anyone Peter’s age, or who has watched reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore show, will know who Lou Grant is. He isn’t too hot on the idea, but I LOVE it :-)

So we move on to Lesson Eight and start the planning process. I am not positive, but I think after that we actually get to start writing. We will see — I CAN’T WAIT!

4 Responses to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    I was grinning all the way through this. ūüėÄ Willow is a quite the writer you know–she should write more of these! Maybe you could talk her into contributing a weekly (or monthly …) column.
    I always look forward to reading about your forays into the inner workings of the course.
    I like the new layout BTW and was thrilled to see my name up on the side. (But maybe Lou could look over the spelling? Kirsten)
    Hilarious post. :)

  2. Seleane Gray says:

    *glares at Peter and Willow for a second* Now if only I could get Moon to talk like this… She’d be great and I’d love seeing her posts. Maybe I can tickle her a bit, who knows? But this was a great post as Kirsten said, I enjoyed it greatly. And I just lurv Willow and her voice. Go girl! You should run the office!

  3. Texanne says:

    Willow sounds like one of the kids around here. She has a lot to say about the way things are run, too.

    It is a pretty theme–light colored and roomy.

    Your posts are so much fun–I can’t wait for the actual story!

  4. Jane says:

    What an awesome post by your muse – I particularly loved Lou’s guest appearance. I am definitely going to give my IE a name and personality (if only so I can imagine locking them up and freezing the key in a block of ice until its time to edit!) Happy writing.

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