Ser Rhein

Ser Rhein is one of the dozen characters whose Point of View (POV)  is used to tell the story.  And while not a main character, he does play a significant support role in the series. Character Name: Ser Rhein (Ryne) Meaning: In Taran, Rhein means Tip of the Sword. Physical Characteristics:  Tall for a Cainwen, Rhein has dark blond hair that hangs down just above his shoulders. It is thick … [Read more...]


Casandra is cousin to the twins, Willoe & Rowyn. Willoe's constant companion since Willoe was ten, Casandra was confidant to all her cousin's secrets and unwilling co-conspirator in all Willoe's wild schemes. Her older brother, Aeron Cadwel, the heir to the First Duke of Cainwen, routinely rescued them when the schemes went astray. As a major character in the series, Casandra brings a certain … [Read more...]


Aeron is cousin to the twins, Willoe & Rowyn, but a couple of years older; which gives him a surprising amount of wisdom. A dashing young man, he is heir to the First Duke of Cainwen, the most important position in the kingdom, next to the royal family themselves, carrying great authority and responsibility. Receiving his spurs at a young age, Aeron had quickly become a Shield highly respected … [Read more...]


Dilys has been the servant, or hand-maiden as you will, to Willoe since the Twins were delivered to their father, the Crown Prince, at three years of age. Willoe knows that Dilys is old, but not how old as the woman never seemed to change. She appeared the same to Willoe at the beginning of the series as Dilys did when Willoe was a toddler.  Their mother unknown and their step-mother dead before … [Read more...]

Protector Dougal

  Protector Dougal is a mystery to not only Willoe and Rowyn, but everyone they know, even their father. Little is known of his past other than he is evidently a warrior from the northern Kingdom of Haldane. The one to deliver the Twins, he has taken an oath at the feet of the Burning Lady to protect the children from all harm. Why he would do such a thing is part of the mystery that … [Read more...]

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