The Kidney Has Got to Go

“The kidney has got to go.” At the time I remember thinking how I didn’t want to give up the kidney. “I agree. I know it’s not everyone’s cup-of-tea, but I love beef kidney.” Willow bounced into the room, like a dancer crossing the stage, and landed in the worn leather chair. “Ewww.” I could feel my entire face squish as the disgust welled up inside me. “I know it is pretty traditional, … [Read more...]


With the fires that scorched San Diego recently, my youngest daughter Amber, a teacher, wasn't working so we ended up texting a lot. We were talking about all the different wildfires, and the following is an excerpt of how our texts went: Amber: I can't believe RB is untouched. Knock on wood.  RB is the area where I live in San Diego. Me: Don't forget we had the Bernardo fire on … [Read more...]

Old Friends

Old friends can be a blessing. One such old friend, who I have known for over 22 years, Hikaru, a professor of American Film and Theater from Japan, recently visited and we had a grand time. “So that is why you've been ignoring me.” An accusing voice sounded behind me. I could see her reflection in the computer monitor. She looked a little haggard as if she had been camping in the woods for … [Read more...]

Dream Obstacles

I had eyelid surgery recently. The doctor said I had droopy eyes and it was affecting my peripheral vision. The day of the surgery I had to put ice packs tied over my eyes for about 5 minutes or so every 30 to 60 minutes. Needless to say this was quite annoying. Over the next twelve hours I had to constantly stop whatever I was doing and intentionally block out all sight. I could hear, but not … [Read more...]

You’re Too Old

Today was a special day for those who have... let's just say, past their peak. Or at least that's what some people might call them. Today, Sunday, 23 June 2013, was the final round of the Travelers Championship Golf Tournament in Connecticut. But first let me go back about 3-1/2 months. I was in Florida to celebrate my brother's 70th birthday. He was playing in the Kenny G Pro Am as part of the … [Read more...]


Recently, my wife's Uncle Jack passed. He was a Franciscan Monk and the kindest man I think I might have ever met. He was an educator and much of his life was spent helping disadvantaged children. He was funny, always jolly, and loved Chinese food. But now he is gone. Yet, I will remember him the rest of my life for the things he did and also for how he changed the way I see the world around me. … [Read more...]


The day was Friday October 5th. The time was approximately 9pm Pacific Time. The sound that could be heard in my house, well above the noise of the TV, was “NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! “ My wife and Willow ask within a few heartbeats of each other. “What happened?” My wife probably was worried that I was maybe having a heart attack. Willow was worried that I had deleted an important piece of … [Read more...]

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