Haldis Series

Haldis, Weapon of the Goddess or just Haldis for short, consists of smaller books than its sibling Epic series the Dragon-Called. Each of the Haldis books will be a self-contained book with similar characters from book to book. These smaller books will only have a couple of story lines and fewer characters than their bigger cousin, the Dragon-Called series. The first of the Haldis books is The Dragon Whisperer.

Like Dragon-Called, the Haldis series takes place on the world of Saoghal, a few hundred years in the future of the Dragon-Called series. Even though Haldis is a Medieval-themed Fantasy, great effort was exerted to keep the books authentic and true to the time period (word origins, weapons, ambiance, and culture – at least within the bounds of Fantasy literature).

Go to The Dragon Whisperer to read excerpts from the book, see the Maps used, check out a list of characters and blog posts about  a few of them, along with Tiny Tales (short stories about the characters) and reviews from those that have already read it.

Click here to see Maps used in the Haldis series and more added as new books are released.

Coming soon will be a list of Characters and Character Descriptions.

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